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Omega Model 11126 Ovangkol Wooden Handle Boar Shaving Brush, 24mm

SKU OME-11126
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by Omega
7 reviews
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This Omega banded boar features a beautiful exotic Ovangkol wooden handle. 

Handle Diameter: 20mm
Handle Length: 60mm
Loft: 54mm
Knot: 24mm

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Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 7 Reviews
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Peter F.
Customer review

There's something special about this knot. While bowl-lathering, it whips up lather faster than any other boar brush I've ever used, which have been many. It also doesn't drag on the base of the bowl like many do. The knot is very hollow, I'd call it a 65% tops using the Semogue labeling system even though it is not advertised as such. It's also a horrendous face-latherer but a great painter. The handle is perfect for bowl-lathering as well and has good grip, even when wet. The dyed bristles are hideous. This brush also stunk worse than any brush I've ever owned and still has a very subtle mild funk to it, even though it's been cleaned, rinsed, and lathered with several different strongly scented soaps. I still use it every time I shave though, because it bowl-lathers and paints like a beast!

Customer review

Nice brush and handle.

Customer review

I've been using this brush since 1999. After awhile the tips of the bristles split and became as soft as badger hair. The difference is it still has the bite of a boar brush. That makes it a perfect brush for shaving soap and shaving cream, whatever you decide to use. Buy it and you will have the best wet shaving experience.

Customer review

Fantastic brush, Has pretty good backbone. has a nice scritchy feel for exfoliating the skin. I love the wooden handle on it with the gold metal accent. my only problem with it, is it loosing hairs every now and then.

Customer review

This is one great brush. The handle is sized perfectly with a great grip area just far enough away from the bristles to work well (set down/pick up/work up a lather). Its wood which looks, feels and sounds (banging on a lather cup) better than almost all plastics do. The knot is awesome too. It did not smell much (as some natural hairs do) or shed much and has broken in (softening tips) to a great feeling and performing brush. It splays out somewhat big with good pressure to the face while still having nice soft tips. It holds plenty of lather for up to 3 passes plus a few touch ups, if you load it up to the max. I partially load it and generally am squeezing the last bit of lather from it at the 2 pass plus touch ups point. I like my synthetics for ease of use, care, etc.; but, its always worth the time to let this brush soak a few minutes (hydrating and softening) and then enjoy its superior performance. Hang it bristles down to dry and it should last a long time. Very well made and a great buy too. Highly recommended.