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Parker 22R Gunmetal Handle Butterfly TTO Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Parker
11 reviews
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The Parker 22R was one of the first Parker models launched many years ago. It remains as popular today as ever. Its timeless and unique design, gunmetal finish and old world quality make it a popular classic. This was a terrific razor 30 years ago and it is better than ever today due to technological improvements.

    • Razor type: Butterfly open safety razor
    • Weight: 3.4 oz.
    • Length: 3 3/4 in.
    • Handle material: Genuine brass frame, gunmetal chrome plated

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Customer Reviews
4.3 Based on 11 Reviews
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Customer review

This is a beautiful razor. I love the styling and the feel. The gunmetal color looks great as does the texture of the handle. The razor is well-balanced and I like the weight. I never found any issues with holding the razor, even when my hands and/or the razor was wet, however, when wet, trying to close the handle was difficult sometimes. Maybe it was related to some soap left on my hands from lathering up (I'll usually lather up and apply it to my face -- giving it time to "soak" -- and then change the blade on the razor. I might've just not cleared the soap off my hands well enough. But, once it was closed, I had no issues with handling. This razor is the most agressive one I own so far. On the after-the-weekend shaves, it could be quite painful to shave, no matter what blade I used. However, during the week, the pain was minor enough to not be bothersome. In fact, the after-the-weekend pain still wasn't bad enough for me to stop using this razor (until I picked up a slant). Overall, this is a great razor and I would still recommend it.

Customer review

I've been using this razor for well over a year and it's been great. I love it's butterfly mechanism and it has a very comfortable grip. It's not the closest shave out there but it's been an excellent daily go-to razor. I'm not sure what other folks are saying about slipping as I've never once had any issues. Use a real grip and it won't slip.

Customer review

Design: Sleek gunmetal coating makes this an elegant looking razor, and cleaning is a breeze. Ridged grooves around the base is an attractive solution to grip while opening and shaving. Some have said that the smooth texture has made the Parker 22r difficult to hold when wet, but I have had no issues with this. Mostly because I know how to use my fingers and hold things properly. Men grip, babies slip. Performance: As good a shave as one can expect. The butterfly action keeps all pieces together which is very convenient. However, there is no 'locking' mechanism to keep the butterfly doors closed besides twisting the base as tight as you can. Sometimes the doors loosen, but so far it is a minor annoyance at best and it hasn't effected the shave effectiveness in anyway. All in all it is an attractive razor that provides a delicate enough shave for the beginner. I could use a little more weight in the handle, but that would defeat the purpose of the lightweight design.

Customer review

An excellent razor for the beginner just getting into "old fashion" shaving. It has a nice weight and solid build with faces that promote a proper shaving angle. I imagine mine will keep functioning and be around long after my next razor purchase or even the one after that. If I had one critique it would be that unless you torque it closed pretty tight it will loosen on use requiring attention during your shave. Jut remember to grasp the short edges of the head and twist nice and hard to prevent this. Don't worry it won't break!

Customer review

wasn't expecting my razor for a few more days, so we know the mail system still works lol. As soon as i opened the box and installed the blade the first thing i noticed was how nicely weighted it is, opening and closing it was very smooth, I use to use disposables, would take 3 to cut through my 4 days scruff and about 20 minutes or more, 3 minutes i was done, I rarely use soap and this time was no different, cleaning the head and blade was quick and easy, ever with water on the handle it didn't feel slick or slippery, I like the gun metal gray finish, so all up I think this is well worth the purchase.