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Parker 26C Graphite Dark Gray Open Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Parker
15 reviews
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Since being launched in 2013, Parker Safety Razor’s Open Comb models have been the buzz of the shaving community. The head of this razor is engineered to provide an extremely smooth shave without being overly aggressive.

We recommend this razor for both beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. The open comb design stretches the skin, delivering a very close shave. Paired with a great razor blade, you will get a barbershop shave at home!

  • Razor type: Three-Piece Safety Razor, Open Comb Head
  • Weight: 3.4 oz.
  • Length: 3 3/4 in.
  • Handle material: Genuine Brass Frame – Graphite Dark Gray Electroplated finish 
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Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 15 Reviews
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Customer review

I have other razors that I like better, (RazoRock Wunderbar Slant and Feather ASD2) but for the price and for a new shaver the Parker 24C/26C razors come in a pretty close 2nd AND for almost $100 less. They are, in the words of Leisureguy Michael Hamm, Comfortable and efficient. What's not to like. You have to ignore the "open vs closed" comb debate. It, in and of itself, really adds nothing to how a razor will operate in your hand. That is more a function of blade angle and gap as well as your own particular shaving style. The Parker 24C/26C razors are very forgiving of angle and in the end that is what defines a comfortable razor IMHO.

Customer review

I have been using the Merkur slant for quite some time now and that is still the most effective razor I own. I do think the "guillotine effect" of the slant does help me get a slightly closer shave than with other razors. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this Parker open comb razor though. Bought it on a whim (like most of my impulse wet shaving purchases!) but am very glad I did. This is my first open comb style razor and I could definitely feel the difference of the open combs. Been using it for a few days in a row now with a feather blade and I'm getting an incredible shave. Its a well made 3 piece style razor and personally I like the black handle, just think its a nice touch. Not quite as close as my slant, hence the 4 stars, but still a great safety razor!

Customer review

I bought the Parker 26C and the Fit/Finish is perfect. I had three days of growth and the 26c was smooth and effortless. I was pleasantly surprised because my other head gives me feedback with sound. The Parker had no sound and the shave was butter smooth. This head will most likely be my go to razor. Very good product.

Nicholas C.
Customer review

Perfect shaves every time, by far the best razor for the price. Perfect blade alignment every time. It's just such a comfortable razor yet effortlessly removes facial hair with ease. It's a perfect razor for beginners and experts alike. I'd highly recommend this razor.

Customer review

I have a wide range of razors, from full stainless steel crafter US$185 to $3 eBay ones and this is like the goldilocks story as being just right. It shaves amazingly close, its smooth as butter and cheaper than anything else thats comparable. The 24C has a different handle but the same head too. Toss in a parker best badger brush and your squared away with the best combo bang4buck. You can spend more, but you cant do better, this gives close irritation free BBS! I cant get that with a more aggressive razors, 2 passes is enough and then a cleanup for those harder to get to areas like chin, cheek areas.