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Parker CHST Heavy Chrome Handle Silver Tip Brush Shaving Brush with Stand, 20mm

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by Parker
5 reviews
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Parker Safety Razor’s Chrome Handle Silver Tip shave brush is the best selling Silver Tip model. This brush is extremely soft, with a heavyweight chrome handle which aids in generating a great lather. Additionally, the extra long bristles result in even more of a luxurious shave experience. This brush rivals those costing much more! It is sure to please.
    • 20mm handmade brush knot generates a rich lather
    • Lucite brush stand included to ensure proper drying and brush storage
    • 100% silvertip badger bristles – extremely dense, soft and lush
    • Heavyweight chrome based handle – brush weighs 4.6 ounces and has tremendous balance
    • Packaged in a gift box
Handle Diameter: 26mm
Handle Length: 46mm
Loft: 52mm
Knot: 20mm
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Customer Reviews
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Scott R.
Customer review

This brush is awesome! As a newbie to wet shaving, I wasn't expecting to buy a badger brush, as I had heard from a friend who had gotten me into this that they are much more expensive, and who had suggested I try out a synthetic or maybe a boar hair brush just to test the waters and see how I liked wet shaving. I happened to be in a local barbershop at around the same time, and noticed they had a display in the corner of some wet shaving gear, and learned that the guy carried a full line of Parker products, which in honestly had not really been looking at in doing my research. Well, long story short, he had this particular brush in stock and for a ridiculous price, about the same as a good boat brush, so I bought it. Wow, I have not been disappointed! This brush is great! It is almost half the price you will find for similar brushes which I must admit made me skeptical. Because it's my first brush, I really don't have anything to compare it against; however I will say, it has a great weight and balance to it, nice and heavy which I like and a nice wide base and handle that doesn't slip and is easy to grip. It looks great too. I have had it for about a month and have only lost a few hairs. most importantly, it lathers up really nicely and is so soft on my face I can barely feel it when lathering. Highly recommended. What a great brush!

Customer review

This was my first purchase from Maggard and my first brush. I have been very happy with how soft it is and the water retention. The head is a little on the large side but still manageable for the upper lip. Lost a few hairs but nothing serious. The hair is very soft and lathers quickly due to the amount of water it holds. The handle does have some solid weight and can get slippery but looks fantastic in the bathroom. I'd recommend this brush as an excellent value to anyone needing a brush for home, it's a little too large for travel use.

Jeff S.
Customer review

I have used a Parker pure Badger brush for about 2 years and I have had no reason to be disappointed with it. I decided I wanted to add another brush to my rotation and this silvertip seemed like a nice choice. WOW. If someone had told me that the difference would be huge I probably would have scoffed. I was wrong. This brush is very soft with a nice backbone. It works up a face lather twice as fast as the "pure" and holds considerably more water. I just couldn't be more pleased than I am. Great brush at a great price.

Customer review

As I am somewhat of a virgin to the DE wet shaving, take this review with a grain of salt. Coming from a cheaper badger brush with a wooden handle, this heavy chrome brush takes a lot of getting used to. When your hands are wet, hanging on to this brush can prove to be a challenging task. One nice thing about the weight is that it keeps the brush submerged when soaking it in water prior to your shave. As for the quality of Silver Tip hair, I cannot comment about how it stacks up against other brands. What I can tell you is how ridiculously soft this brush is. My brother has the regular Parker chrome brush and this thing brush is night and day different. When lathering with the silver tip I can't even feel the brush touching my face; all I can feel is the lather being applied. It's rather hard to explain, but purchase this brush and you will be far from disappointed.

Customer review

This brush is great! It is almost half the price you will find for similar brushes which made me skeptical; however, when I received it I was amazed. This truly is a great silvertip badger brush. It is heavy which I like and looks very good. I have had it for about a month and have only lost 2-5 hairs which is normal for the beginning usage. The handle is wide so make sure you have a wide mouth stand or it may not sit correctly in it. Also, the parker emblem will wear off quickly but that didn't bother me. The chrome finish looks good by itself. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try a silvertip without breaking the bank