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Pearl Shaving Flexi Adjustable Machined DE Safety Razor with Stand, Matte Finish

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These are Version 4 of the Flexi (additional alignment + finish quality changes)

Description from Pearl Shaving:


This artistic razor is entirely made of Brass only and no zinc or anything has been used other than brass. Very rare companies throughout the world do produce such piece which is made of only brass & steel. Each piece has unique serial number which demonstrates its singular identification.  Brass & CNC Processing is quite High-priced & Heavy Machines are established to work on such manufacturing. That is the only reason it seems costlier than ordinary ones in the market, but on the other hand, Such Component like Brass bring out 100% accuracy & the results are beyond expectations!


Majority of razors in the market are made of Zinc alloys. Zinc alloys are made of pressure die-casting in which you can’t get 100% accuracy and leaves you unsatisfied with your experience. While pearl flexi and its head is made of brass only which will commit 100% accuracy. Very few razors are made in this way, that it has only & only rich component. we source the best brass the market has to offer & Our extraordinary forging will guarantee you get a fantastic shave every time.


It has 3-layer plating & It is Tried & Tested with 48 hours of salt spray to prove that it lasts forever! It has a unique Matt Finish that displays the everlasting beauty of this! The triple-plated finish will give you excellent results!

 It is a two-piece adjustable razor which come up with 1 to 6 serial numbers which you can set according to your beard growth. 1 is the mildest & 6 is aggressive, if you are a beginner 1 is most recommended for the best ease & with your experience you can gradually go for 2nd, 3rd … & 6 after time. According to your beard growth you can set this numbers, if it’s been days you haven’t had a shave, you can set it on 4/5/6 Or if you had shave recently, you can set it on 1/2/3. It has ‘Too good to believe’ feature which is you can go halfway as well like 1.5,2.5…. Till 5.5 if round figures are not fit in your case!

It is for every man, as it provides every setting for beginners as well as proficient ones. It is the ‘ALL IN ONE’ kind of razor. You should expect nothing but the finest performance in the tools that you use!


With great procedures, comes great validity! This masterpiece comes with 5 years of warranty and if any mechanical problem arises, we have got you covered to bring it back to you as it was first! If you take good care of it, it can last forever!

Quality is what we build our reputation on and we stand behind everything we make. We take pride in our razors and want you to feel the same pride & satisfaction for having it!


Razor Details Package contents
Razor Total Height: 90 MM Flexi razor
Razor Handle Height: 83 MM Warranty card
Razor Type: Two pieces razor Cleaning cloth
Razor Head Type: Close Comb. User guide 1
Razor Weight: 140 Gram*
Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM
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United States United States

BIG Bang for the buck!

Absolutely incredible and flawless! I bought the Pearl Flexi on Black Friday and received it just after Black Friday with very quick shipping. I was impressed with the speed. Opened the box and I was very impressed with both the Flexi and the packaging. The fit and finish was perfect and the reveal was spot on. No tilt on any of the settings and it was perfectly parallel from the top cap to the base plate. I washed it and oiled it before use. I started at 1 and worked my way up each shave. 1, 2 were so smooth that I didn't think it was taking any hair off but it was doing a really good job. Then I bumped it up to 4. Very smooth still and efficient but I could really feel the blade. It wasn't bad at all but that made me want to try 3 next. That seems to be my sweet spot. VERY efficient and VERY smooth. Little blade feel to me but gave me a really close shave. I always do a 3 pass shave and before I shave I take a shower so the hair is very hydrated. My favorite combo with the Flexi is Sterling soap and a Gillette Wilkinson Sword blade from India. I would have to say that I have about 40 razors in my collection and the Pearl Flexi jumped in to my top three razors and is now going to be used daily along with my Gillette Fat Boy and my Merkur 34c. Those 3 give me the best shaves. YMMV. Hope this review helps some one and Merry Christmas.

Bryan W.
United States United States

Bryan W.

I have had the pear flex razor for 10 months. I have enjoyed this razor. It is my best razor. I shave at night on 5.5 and I still have vary little stubble to pull on my mask at work until afternoon. I compare every other razor to it. The closest one so far is a Slant razor I purchased from Maggard a month ago.

Jerome P.
United States United States

Slants to one side

Hopefully they fix the problem. The adjustable base slants on one side when raising the numbers.

Joe K.
United States United States

Good razor, nice weight and balance.

Overall, this is a pretty nice adjustable razor. As someone that shaves both his head and face, one thing I look for in a razor is: can it do both well? For the Flexi, and for me, the answer is no. Even at a low exposure setting, my head shaves are rough. Very close shaves, but hard for me to avoid nicks and weepers. That aside...I love the heft and balance of the razor. It feels great in my hand, the adjustment mechanism is smooth and works well. Near as I can tell, alignment is perfect throughout the adjustment range. For me this is a 4/5. Nice fit and finish, feels nice and provides a good shave, but falls a bit short of being a desert island shaver.

Tom D.
United States United States

Pearl Flexi

I was a little worried about buying this razor because of the alignment issue with earlier versions, but this was their 4th generation and to be honest, it was nice and even all the way up to setting 6. Problem solved!! A good heavy razor that is put together nicely. If I had a say in the matter, I would offer a longer handled version, but this one is passable for length. Worth the money!!