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Rapira Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 blades

by Rapira
3 reviews
Rapira Classic Super Stainless Steelare manufactured to high quality standards.

The cutting edge is treated at high temperature to achieve a durable long lasting blade.

Each box contains 10 individual packs of 10 DE bladesfor a total of 100 blades.

Each DE blade is wrapped individually.

Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews
4.0 Based on 3 Reviews
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Customer review

These are my go to 'budget' blades if I am not using Gillette Silver Blues. Love these.

Customer review

When I first tried a few of these blades I really liked them for their sharpness and smoothness. They reminded me a lot of the Swedish Super Steels..I bought two hundred in bulk and have been finding a lot of duds. Enough I'm ready to throw themI the garbage. These feel like they're pulling instead of cutting. Maybe I got a bad batch but I'm not using these anymore. These blades look the same as the Swedish Super Steel but sure don't perform like the Swedish Super Steels. I use an EJ DE89 razor and the Maggard V3 and V2OC heads. Blade felt the same in them all. Hopefully they work good for others. For me they turned out not to be.

Customer review

Nice smooth sharp blade. BBS in two passes with few touch ups. Never get and nicks, cuts or irritation from these blades. I think they tie with another favorite of mine the Rapira Swedish Super Steel. These two along with both the Astra blades are my top blades. Can't beat them for the price and the performance they give. I use these blades in an EJ89 and my two favorite Maggard heads the V3 and the V2OC. Pick up a pack you may really like these blades to. Needless to say that Maggards service and shipping is always the best!