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Semogue 1305 Painted Handle Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, 21mm

SKU SEM-1305
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by Semogue
7 reviews
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The Semogue 1305 pure Boar bristle shaving brush features a classic shaped, painted wood handle filled with the finest quality pure bristle available. Boar Bristle brushes are prized among wet shavers who enjoy the stiffer feel and exfoliating effect they have on the skin and are also very popular with users of shaving soaps.

Each Semogue brush is hand-made in Portugal to the highest quality standards.

Handle Diameter: 27mm
Handle Length: 57mm
Loft: 52mm
Knot: 21mm

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Customer review

The 1305 has Semogue's second best class of boar bristles sharing them with the 820. (The SOC has the top quality Semogue boar.) The 1305 is slightly taller than the 830 and has a wooden painted handle. I prefer the 830 for face lathering, which is my standard. The shorter handle is more convenient, and the acrylic handle is more durable in case of drops. If I bowl lathered, the 1305 would be my more regular choice as it is taller and I like the painted handle, seems more "vintage". But if you drop the painted handle, chips will result, so be careful. Semogues in general are superior to Omega boars IMO. The Semogues do not stink as much out of the box, indeed not at all in my three examples, and they get softer quicker, with more controllable splay. Omegas by comparison do not splay as readily and are stiffer and firmer, so if you want exfoliation, get an Omega. If you want massage and the choice to easily splay or not, Semogues are better.


Customer review

When I took this brush out of the box today, my first thought was, " Wow. I good scrape the paint off a battleship with this." It was tons stiffer than the Omega 10066 I purchased about a month ago and am still breaking in. Was I ever wrong. Washed it with shampoo and took the blow dryer to it. It immediately softened up, and the bristles split a good bit. I shaved with it afterward, and it was amazing. Great combination of backbone and softness. Splayed nicely and wasn't scratchy during my first shave. The Omega still doesn't splay without a good amount of pressure and still scratches. This is an excellent brush. And I don't think pictures do it justice. Love the painted handle, and it feels great in the hand. Used Arko today and got a ton of of super rich lather with this brush. Whipped up a little MWF tonight and will let the brush sit over night. Cant wait to use it tomorrow!


Customer review

Just bought this brush to rotate with my semogue 620. Washed it in dish soap then loaded it up with shave soap and set it aside to dry overnight to help break it in faster. Wow! Both my 620's took about 20 shaves to break in (did not break in like i did the 1305). The 1305 lathers great, splayed just fine and was not scratchy at all. After 1 shave, it has become my daily shave brush. It's a bit taller then my 620 which helps it splay and I was surprised how much I liked the longer handle. I watched a lot of videos and read the reviews on the 1305. The 1305 has lived up to it's reputation! If you want a boar hair brush, get the 1305!


Customer review

This is a very nice boar hair brush. It looks good and performs very well. I bought mine about 5 years ago and it has held up well although it has be sparingly used. The only problem with this brush is that the paint chips it you drop it. Over all impression, is that for the money, it works well.


Customer review

I received this brush as a gift about two months ago. I finally used it yesterday. I used it a few times a week to whip up a bowl lather in an attempt to break it in. My patience was rewarded! This thing is very soft as the tips are nicely split. My only regret is that I just used an Arko stick on this shave and not one of my more favored soaps. In short, makes a nice thick lather, holds water nicely, and isn't stingy with that lather.