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Semogue Owners Club Cherry Wood Pure Boar Shaving Brush, 24mm

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by Semogue
6 reviews
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The Semogue Owners Club brush features the highest quality hair and handle material that Semogue has to offer! The knot is filled with premium quality bristle and set in a gorgeous natural cherry wood handle. This is one of the finest quality boar bristle brushes on the market today! 

Handle Diameter: 29mm
Handle Length: 59mm
Loft: 56mm
Knot: 24mm 

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Tom R.
Customer review

I've had two of these over last four years both turned in to Shedders not sure why? My Simpson badgers and omega boars are fine. Not sure why this one model does this for me

Customer review

I have been using this brush daily for about six weeks, so it may not have found its sweet spot yet, but this has become my favorite brush. It has great backbone and very soft tips, so the face feel is just what I was hoping it would be. It whips up lather very quickly and easily holds enough for three passes. The quality is really outstanding. I don't think this brush has shed more than 3 or four hairs. Finally, I love the appearance and the feel of the wood handle. This is my second Semogue brush, (my first was the 610) but it will not be my last. I have become a huge fan of the brand.

Customer review

There are two top boar brushes in my rotation. They are the Semogue Owners Club, aka the SOC, and the Omega 21762, aka the Italian Flag or R&B brush. The SOC has amazing soft tips once it's broken in, but it probably has the longest break in time of all boar brushes. Think at least 3 months of daily use. During the break in period the lather building can be troublesome. Don't give up! You will be rewarded with the softest feeling brush. One thing to note is the base of the knot is very dense and thick and the top thins out to nice small soft tips. This causes the brush to have a huge bloom or spread. Not a bad thing, but just to keep in mind. My Omega boar brushes don't do this. The tips of the brush will also have a matted hair look, this is also due to the tips being so small and soft. Don't worry about this. Again this is different than my Omega boars which are much more orderly. The handle on the SOC is amazing and is really beautiful, has a nice wood grain pattern. Really good feel in the hand. Good heft to it too. This is not a cheap feeling boar brush. A little lighter and smaller than the Omega 21762, but just as good. So which brush do I like more? The SOC or the Omega 21762? I can't say, I love both. Maybe the tips of the SOC are a bit softer but the lighter backbone of the Omega 21762 is a bit more luxurious. If you are a boar brush love, just get both. I am glad I did.

Customer review

I've had a 2000 for two and a half years. I use it regularly in a short rotioatn. It's been a terrific brush and a great value in my opinion. I paid about twenty bucks then but I see it's gone up so there must be good demand for them. Unfortunately the finish is about completely gone from the handle. It hasn't cracked yet I figure when it does I can cut it loose and feel I had a good run with it. But I've learned my lesson, I'm sticking with artificial handles.

Customer review

Just got this brush as a gift along with another brush. I wanted a replacement for my Omega boar which I passed down to my son. This is the biggest brush I've ever seen. I don't know how long it is going to take to break in. It's pretty soft after two uses. What can I say that hasn't been said. It lathers great. It holds a ton of lather. Plenty of backbone, and did I mention this thing is huge. Fantastic for head shaving which is what I use the boars for. Beautiful brush. I have to say I have had several boar brushes in my life. They don't hold a candle to this one. This is a different level in quality.