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Shannon's Soaps Haymarket Vetiver Tallow Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Tallow. Lanolin. Cocoa Butter. Shea Butter. Avocado Oil... Basically everything you could want or need in an artisan shaving soap. Add great scents to the mix, and you've got the makings of a fantastic shave experience.

The shaving soap you see is the result of extensive research and careful formulation. It's tested daily, by us, and by happy wet shavers all over the world.

Our shaving soap:
  • Is hot processed with sodium and potassium hydroxide
  • Contains added glycerin for slickness
  • Lathers up thick for great cushion
  • Is available in a number of enticing scents

Haymarket Vetiver:
Earthy, gritty, like one of Cleveland's original districts. With notes of vetiver, citrus, and oakmoss -- an all essential oil original blend.

Ingredients: Tallow, kokum butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, stearic acid, glycerin, lanolin, coconut oil, essential oils, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide (made by hot process) 


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Chris B.

Customer review

Vetiver is my favourite fragrance base (and a pox on those who want to make it into shopping mall air freshener -- I'm looking at you, Tom Ford). Shannon's vetiver is vetiver at its very best --- swampy, rotten, rich, grassy and peppery. The hint of citrus here serves only to bring focus to the scent. And the performance of this soap is absolutely elite. It produces a dense, yoghurt-y lather that is slick and protective. Post shave feel is as good as it gets. Sometimes you look at a product that is so reasonably priced and think, "Yeah, I'll bet it's not as good as those $75 soaps." But you, sir or madame, would be WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! This soap has taken its place in my all-time top 5, and i intend to obtain more Shannon's Soaps immediately upon finishing this review. I suggest that you do the same.

Allen L.

Customer review

Shannon’s Soaps always performs and Haymarket Vetiver is my new favorite among all of the “elites” I own. I threw square bales of hay every summer growing up with my friends and I have been looking for a Hay scent to reminisce on those times. I wasn't sure if this soap was the one but I did know I love Shannon’s soaps, so I threw it in the cart. I’m so happy with this soap it is THE one I am opening to get a whiff of every time I use the bathroom. At first I didn’t smell a resemblance to hay but after using the tub a few times that is all I smell now. It’s probably in my head, but I love it and I will not go without this scent.


Customer review

Beautiful scent...creamy, low structure lather. Great performance! Excellent price. What's not to like?!


Customer review

I agree with Kyle's review 100%. This is a real winner, slick, easy to lather and a "dirty" vetiver scent that is great. Think Declaration Grooming Dirtyver, but without any sweetness. Buy this one!!


Customer review

I have quite a collection of top shelf products, still none come close to Shanon's in terms of comfort, skin conditioning, slickness, and latherability! This was my first of Shannon's soaps. It's a weird name but Shannon describes it as: Earthy, gritty, like one of Cleveland's original districts. With notes of vetiver, citrus, and oakmoss -- an all essential oil original blend. It is VERY earthy and Masculine, with the Oakmoss up front with woody overtones. I give it about a 5/10 on the Strength of scent. So it's a scent that is not going to hang around all day, but It awakens my senses with that morning fresh scent of camping in the mountains.