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Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush, 22mm

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by Simpson
8 reviews
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Filled with Best Badger hair. 

Described by many as the perfect introduction to the Simpson stable of brushes. The Colonel X2L represents amazing value for money and is a very versatile performer.  

Colonel X2L approximate brush specifications: 

Overall brush height - 98mm
Handle height - 53mm
Knot loft - 45mm
Knot diameter - 21mm
Weight - 63g 

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Customer review

This is the best performing brush I own. I previously used a Semogue 830 and a Whipped Dog Silvertip, which are both amazing brushes. But since receiving the Simpson Colonel X2L, my other brushes have seen almost no action. I mostly bowl lather, but sometimes face lather as well. My main soaps/creams are MWF, GFT Coconut and T&H Ultimate Comfort. This brush performs flawlessly with every soap I've tried. It's just an amazing all around brush.


Customer review

My first Simpson, I bought the value leading Colonel to see what all the fuss was about. The brush is underwhelming when first inboxed, especially compared to the cheaper Parker Pure I owned, First use showed what all the fuss was about as the Colonel was soft yet with plenty of backbone and the dense knot packed in lots of lather yet released it readily. The softness is a bit less apparent than the Parker but the Colonel is not in the least floppy and is considerably denser than Parker or Whipped Dog HMW. After using for two months, the Colonet has aged very well, maintaining its density and losing virtually no hairs, Tips also softened a bit. This is a great value, and the only real problem is that you may find yourself wishing you spent more on a Simpson. My opinion: if you plan to mix up face and bowl lathering, the Colonel is your best bet for less than $100. The Commodore is comparable but is kind of a poor mans Duke 3,i.e. A face lathered specialist. If you are sure you will face lather exclusively, the Commodore X3L is a somewhat better option for under 100. But if you are spending that much, why not get a Duke 3 which is as dense as a Chubby 1? Anyway, for the price, the Colonel is the sweet spot of the Simpsons line. I was converted and see the clear superiority of Simpson as a brand over my much floppier and less dense Kents and Vulfixes.


Customer review

Amazing brush!!! This is my second Simpson and I am blown away at the performance of this brush. Face or bowl lathering with soaps or creams, anything you throw at it this brush will deliver in flying colors. The handle's design feels great in my hand and makes for a quite comfortable hold along with the luxurious soft face-feel to go along with it. I can definitely see why Simpson has the rep it does and why many make this company their No. 1 choice in brushes, I think I will myself too.


Customer review

Received this brush as a gift a few weeks ago. It's my first investment level brush and I love it! Fits my hand well, dropped a few hairs the first week maybe 6-8 total and hasn't since. Lathers my tabac and other pucks like a champ. Excellent quality and comfort. I highly recommend this brush to anyone stepping up their shave game.


Customer review

I must admit i am biased towards simpson's, but I think it is because they make stellar brushes. I've owned numerous brushes over the years and this is exactly what i've been looking for. It has more backbone than my kent, so it lathers harder soaps very well, which i feel is my kent's biggest weakness. it is a few mm larger than my special so it still feels luxurious like the kent but has the efficiency of the special, lathering any soap or cream in seconds. it takes a little more product than a smaller brush but that is one of the tradeoffs of using a larger brush. I had a frank shaving brush that had a 28mm knot and it was just waaay too big, this is the perfect size for me. My only complaint is the handle itself, it is very well made, i just am not a fan of the shape. it may be a little more expensive than many other options but there is no way this brush will disappoint.