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Simpson Commodore X3 Best Badger Shaving Brush, 24mm

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by Simpson
7 reviews
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Traditionally Simpsons most popular value for money shaving brush in North America, the Commodore is turned in three sizes and filled with Best Badger Hair. 

Commodore X3 Best Badger approximate brush specifications:

Overall brush height - 97mm
Handle height - 51mm
Knot loft - 46mm
Knot diameter - 24mm
Weight - 65g 

If you want bang for your buck Badger, the Commodore is the brush to choose. 

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Customer Reviews
4.4 Based on 7 Reviews
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Customer review

Like the previous reviewer, my brush after several months of losing a few bristles each shave, I started to lose a lot more bristles: before lathering I could see half a dozen or more loose hairs, when loading the brush I would lose a few more, during shaving the bristles would come off onto my face (picked up by the razor) and finally during cleaning I would lose a few more, perhaps two dozen or more bristles in total for each shave. I am gentle in lathering and cleaning. Luckily Maggard sent me a free replacement so we will see how this holds up. I must really thank them for stepping up and offering the replacement. They said that a production batch had this problem and since been rectified. If the new one works well, I'll revise my review.

Customer review

This is my first "real" brush having only owned cheaper versions and brands. Initially when I received the brush I was very impressed with the overall quality as others have stated. Rarely would it shed even a single bristle! Unfortunately, several months later the brush is losing easily twenty bristles per shave. I have pampered the brush rinsing it and drying it on a stand. I even "modified" my lathering technique from circular to lapping as was recommended in the care instructions. I don't know if the brush I received is defective or have other owners experienced this shedding the longer they have owned their brushes. ------ Response from Maggard Razors -- We are working with Ernest to get his brush replaced. We decided to go ahead and post his review, as we believe his experience does have some value to other buyers -- shedding brushes can and do exist occasionally even with high end manufacturing, and Maggard Razors will always work with our customers to resolve these issues. Thanks!!

Customer review

This is my first Simpsons brush. I am particularly impressed by the quality. Granted, I have am relatively new to wet shaving and have only had two previous badger brushes. But this is head and shoulders above the other cheaper brushes I have owned. Soft tips and fantastic bristles. Have had this for about two months and there has only been one or two shed hairs. Can't wait to try other Simpsons brushes. Recommended.

Customer review

After years of using a very cheap Burma Shave boar brush, I decided to step up to this fantastic brush and I have been very pleased so far (3 months in). Compared to the boar, this best badger brush is much softer, but it is SO much denser that there is still plenty of backbone and just the right amount of "scritch". The size is perfect and I'm very happy that I did not go with the X2 or X1. In fact, right out of the box I thought it looked a bit small, but that changed once it "bloomed" after using it a couple times. As with any natural brush, there was a bit of a musty odor the first couple of times I used it, but that dissipated quickly and the scent of the cream covered it for the most part. I see no reason to use any type of deodorizing regime (like the ones you read about in the forums) unless you are super sensitive to this type of thing. Occasionally, it will shed a hair or two here and there but nothing that I would not expect from any brush at any price point. Compared to the boar it seems to absorb a lot more water, so I adjusted my routine accordingly. I spent a lot of time pouring over reviews and checking opinions online and I think that this is probably one the best options for a quality brush under $100. Highly recommended!

Customer review

All that needs to be said is thank you, Brad! Having already decided on a few different Simpson's, based solely on internet sites, and reading every measurement, it was just a matter of picking it up (along with a bag of goodies) whilst art his shop. He put this in my hand, and every brush paled in comparison. So, had I ordered based on what I saw on the web, I would've missed out on what had to be the best brush I've ever used. Backbone, dense as all get out, and super soft. Thank you, Brad, you gave great advice, as well as some Simpson knowledge, and I haven't been happier, and neither had my wallet. Awesome!