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Southern Witchcrafts Autumn Ash Vegan Shave Soap, 4oz

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The quintessential Fall fragrance. Dark and resinous, this accord is spicy, dirty, smokey, sweet and and perfectly captures the scent of damp Autumn air.

Scent notes: Maple, spice, smoke, amber, cedar, oud, rain, plum, blackberry, ash, birch tar, pumpkin, coffee, dirt, mildew

Ingredients: Water, stearic acid, shea butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerine, coconut oil, sodium lactate, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, aloe powder, liquid aloe, isopropyl myristate, kaolin clay, fragrance

Net Weight 4oz.


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Customer review

A hell of a beast!!

Customer review

Ordered a sample and this scent is my style. It is similar to Tertius from A&E. A masculine stormy night scent that lingers. As with all of Southern Witchcraft soap products, this lathers exceptionally well and a pleasure to use.

brad W.
Customer review

I'm shocked I have yet to write a review of Southern Witchcrafts Autumn Ash. First off the scent, most of the SW offerings are very unique and distinct just like B&M. Some of their scents may not be for everyone as they can be complex but rest assured you can pretty much guarantee to not have another soap in the den quite like this. Autumn Ash is a masterpiece IMO and put it up there with Storybook Soapworks Shaken,A&E Kalifia, CB 322, or B&M LEviathan. as far as favorite scents go this is right up there in my book. It has a burnt Maple Syrup vibe and is sweet without being over the top. There is smokiness without being like a "Pine Tar" scent or being too smoky. Would recommend a sample (heck just pick up the whole line while your at it) just in case it's not your cup of tea. They also have matching EDT's that come in a cool bottle for a reasonable price (especially for EDT and not Aftershave). Performance of Southern Witchcrafts is excellent, this is a Vegan soap base that lathers like a Tallow and I doubt someone would be able to tell the difference in a blind test. All the features one would look for in a quality shave soap with plenty of slickness and face feels smooth afterwards with no drying of negative side effects. Am not a fan of the rising prices of Artisan Shave Soaps as of late but SW sells for a reasonable price for a product of this quality. I keep Southern Witchcrafts on my radar and look forward to any other "Magic" they conjure up next!

Customer review

Easy lather in my moderately hard water. Smells like stepping outside on Halloween at midnight.

Joshua G.
Customer review

I ordered a few samples from Southern Witchcrafts as I loved how complex they seemed. While I do enjoy how it lathers this scent was not for me at all nor my wife. This could be due to the fact that the main scents I am getting out of this are the smoke and mildew. I didn't find the mix pleasant but did enjoy the other samples (necromantic 3.2/5 & pamona 3.9/5).