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Southern Witchcrafts Druantia Vegan Shave Soap, 4oz

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A tribute to the druid celebration of the Winter Solstice or “Yule”, Druantia is woodsy and spicy scent perfect for crisp Winter days.

Scent notes: Cedar, Oakmoss, Rosewood, Moss, Cypress, Tobacco, Fungus, Sandalwood, Mitsutake, Myrrh, Amber, Orange, Ginger

Ingredients: Water, stearic acid, shea butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerine, coconut oil, sodium lactate, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, aloe powder, liquid aloe, isopropyl myristate, kaolin clay, fragrance

Net Weight 4oz.


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Steve M.

Customer review

I'm avoiding the aspect of the scent because....well. I suck at describing them, but I can say that this is a nice, bold, deep, smooth, warming scent. So let's get to what counts the most.... After at least 2 weeks of continuous use, and the review notes being taken from the latest session which involved both a face and head shave. Here are my key highlights ..... - VERY easy to load a brush with. About 10 seconds with an un-bloomed, non-dripping 2-band badger knot. - VERY easy to build a lather with. I get to where I like to within a few minutes. - Has a wide water retention span, without breaking down. - Lather holds strong. I was still able to add a little water and produce more volume on the final pass......(as in, the final face pass - touch up and buffing after 2 full passes) ( only needed to re-load the brush for a few seconds, to get the 2-pass head shave done) - Protective and really absorbs into the skin and hair (There are VERY few that I'm comfortable using when it comes to an ATG pass. This stuff works for me) - Residual slickness is very secure. I've only recently started head shaving and being that you can't see every spot, I consider r.s to be a crucial aspect. Honestly, there's very little difference between a lathered pass and a follow up pass. - Post shave feel is very moisturizing. I'm sure there are others out there, but for the 'wallet-friendly' price point and unique scents, this has to be considered top-tier for an overall product.


Customer review

Incredible scents from this brand, this one I don’t think needs to be winter specific, but the scent is a beautifully dark earthy scent, the performance and protection is great