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Tcheon Fung Sing Classic Almond Shave Soap, 125ml

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Shaving Cream Classic Almond scent 

An extremely fine shaving cream for brushes, exclusively vegetable based, with notes of Almond and fruity nuances. Since 1945, Tcheon Fung Sing has been producing soaps and shaving creams in Turin using entirely artisan methods that have now become part of the history of international barbering, also thanks to an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

The company, still run by the same family, was founded by Tcheon Fung Sing, a Chinese master soapmaker who arrived in Italy in 1930 after a thousand vicissitudes and then married an Italian woman. Today, the family dragon coat of arms identifies a company with deep Piedmontese roots, ideal for delicate skin.

Made in Turin, Italy.

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