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The Goodfellas' Smile Blazer Adjustable DE Safety Razor, Polished Finish

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Blazer - The Goodfellas’ smile adjustable safety razor 

Accurate and with quality finishes, the Blazer safety razor is the first adjustable razor from The Goodfellas’ smile razor stable.
Made from brass and zamak, coated with a shiny chrome finish, the Blazer razor has 6 levels of adjustment (1 Gentler cut | 6 More effective cut).
The levels are easily and intuitively adjusted through a rotating ring located at the top of the handle. The red dot will always indicate the level at which the safety razor has been set.

How to insert the blade into the Blazer safety razor:

1- Turn the knob at the base of the handle anti-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed (even when unscrewed, the knob will remain hanging in the handle of the razor)
2- Lift the cap of the razor and remove it.
3- Insert the shaving blade
4- Close the razor and screw the knob back into the base by turning it clockwise.

Defining the cutting adjustment:
Adjustable safety razors shave the beard completely at any level, the settings are not designed to adjust the length of the hair (which will always be completely removed) but to manage the effectiveness of the shaving blade on the face during shaving.
A longer beard will require a higher level setting to effectively cut the hair, just as a lower level should be set by those who prefer to shave daily.

Who is the Blazer adjustable safety razor recommended for?
The Blazer adjustable safety razor is recommended for those who often change their look and is therefore ideal for those who only shave when they feel like it.
Whether it’s after one or two days or after 2 or 3 weeks, the Blazer adjustable safety razor will adapt to you; you just need to rotate the ring on the handle and thus define the right cutting depth for the occasion.

Specifications and Dimensions of the Blazer adjustable safety razor:
Handle length: 80mm
Overall length: 90mm
Handle diameter: 0.70mm
Total weight: approximately 80 grams
Country of manufacture: China

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