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Timeless Razor Model TRBR38 Bronze Solid Bar Safety Razor, with Stand

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This Bronze Safety Razor will make a great GIFT for someone you love (or yourself).

The Timeless Razor Bronze Double Edge Safety Razor is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT razor than any of our other versions. This is a fully CNC milled Safety Razor made from solid C954 Bronze. This process of manufacturing is different than the wire E.D.M. cut stainless steel and titanium Timeless Razors.

This 0.38 mm blade gap is aggressive enough to give a great, close shave while still being mild enough for the most sensitive skin. Do not be fooled by the blade gap. This razor will get the job done.

For those of you looking to watch your razor age along with you, this is a great choice in materials. Over time this bronze will form a nice patina that can be appreciated by the more sophisticated wet shavers.

FINISH: The finish is a lightly buffed, lightly polished version. Tool marks will be visible.

SCALLOPED CAP: Weight 14.1 grams
BASE PLATE: 27.4 grams
STAND: 141.1 grams
HANDLE: 14 mm diameter x 85 mm Length 84.7 grams

This set comes complete with the matching Bronze stand, informational cards, micro fiber cloth and custom packaging.



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Customer review

Took a little practice to get used to this razor compared to the lower cost DE safety razor I used in the past. So far I absolutely love this razor. I will be buying the open-comb plate directly from Timeless for those times I let my beard grow out. I also appreciate this is a family owned company that makes their products here in the US. I will be buying more from them in the future.

Customer review

I Don’t Use Mine Enough This is a cool, funky razor that is also very beautiful. The shaving geometry is wildly different from any other razor I have, including my stainless solid bar Timeless. You have to fool around with it to learn its quirks. The small gap combined with the short safety bat and minimal positive exposure to produce an efficiency angle range that is pretty shallow. You’ll actually hold the Timeless Bronze differently from your other DE razors. It gives you a nice singing audible feedback when it comes “on plane,” which makes the angle easy to maintain as you hear your blade snick off each whisker. When I’m in the mood to change up my shaving experience, there is my Timeless Bronze beckoning. I’ve settled into my shaving preferences—I like to have my skin and whiskers nicely waterlogged, lubed and lathered pre-shave, and I like finding the aggressive angle with a mild razor much more than finding the mild stroke with an aggressive razor. Not because I’m lazy, but because even though aggressive razors require fewer strokes, my skin undergoes less trauma with fewer strokes of a mild razor at the correct angle. My Feather AS-D2 routinely gives me a 2-pass BBS with light strokes and no irritation. Yes, you have to pay close attention to your shaving angle with these razors. But when you do, they reward you and your skin richly. I need a shave this morning. I’m going to load a new Bolzano into my Timeless Bronze and go for a zen shave with Vespers today. I already know it’s going to be a fine shave.