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Wilkinson Sword Classic Teflon Coated Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 blades

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The *Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades combines elegant design with exceptional performance and value.

Double edge blade technology increases the life of each blade, providing exceptional performance. A PTFE coating on each blade reduces friction, creating a smooth shave and reducing redness and irritation. Simple design allows easy replacement of blades, and facilitates a smooth, effortless shave.

  • Double edge blade technology.
  • PTFE coating reduces friction during the shave.
  • Value for money in the long run with cost effective blades
  • Blades 42mm

These blades are designed to fit the any traditional double edge razor.

This item contains 20 packs of 5 blades for a total of 100 blades.

Made in Germany (Solingen)

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