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WSP Bay Rum Formula T Tallow Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Bay Rum in Formula T! It's a true classic. We based our bay rum off of a two century old recipe we found. Combining all the true classic bay rum scents, we went truly old school with this blend. Using only essential oils, this is what bay rum is supposed to smell like. Notes of: West Indies bay leaf, rum, lime, cinnamon, & allspice.

Building off the success of our vegan Rustic Shaving Soap, we set out to create the best tallow based shave soap possible. We wanted an easy to lather soap with great cushion & moisturizing properties with excelling glide. You be the judge, but we think we nailed it with Formula T.

Formula T is a homage to classic Americana. We named it after the iconic Ford Model T. The goal was to create the best shaving soap possible.
  • Formulated with tallow & shea butter for extra cushion, moisture, & a superior post shave feel.
  • Made in America at our food grade workshop in Chandler, AZ with moisturizing Tallow & Shea Butter for the perfect shave. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.
  • Formula T is extremely dense. Our long lasting concentrated soap will last you from 150 up to 350 shaves. 135 grams, 4.7 ounces by weight. The secret is the long curing process. We let the soap cure for as long as it takes to remove any excess water, so all you're buying is soap; not water.

Ingredients: Stearic acid, water, tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), fragrance, & sodium hydroxide. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.


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Customer review

I brought this, more to test a new supplier and try another Bay Rum. Both worked superbly, Maggard Razors in making an international order easy & and WSP for a fantastic Bay Rum. This is now my favorite Bay Rum and will be buying more. it lathers up nicely into a thick creamy lather. The only issue I now have is that my wife loves it for her shaving.


Customer review

This is a great shave soap but the scent is not my thing. I had bought a sample of First Canadian Bay Rum and Lime that I really liked of both the scent and the shave. I waited for maggards to get more full tubs in stock but it seems they are no longer buying from them despite still being listed (and samples being sold). I had the Gaelic Tweed version of this soap that I really like as well and thought I'd give this bay rum a try as an alternative to the First Canadian. They do not smell anything alike and I think this is the worst smelling soap I have out of the 50 tubs I've bought. It is bad enough that I will not buy anything with Bay Rum on it unless I smell it first hand because now i'm not even sure what Bay Rum smells like with 2 very different smelling soaps.


Customer review

I love the formula T soap. Slick, dense, creamy lather. This is my favorite bay rum soap. It's a straight up bay rum without the cloves, which is the side of the bay rum spectrum I fall.