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Accepting Razor Restoration and Custom Scale Work on May 1

I will be accepting Razor Restoration and Rescales beginning May 1.  If you're interested in sending me something, please fill out a Quote.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  If you have filled out a quote over the last 3 months and I didn't get back to you, please re-fill it out.  I'm going to start with a clean slate here.  One of the main reasons, is the drastic change in prices.  Please note -- I will only be offering rescales in the following materials: G-10 (many colors available) Paper Micarta (Ivory, Antique, Black) Carbon Fiber Black Horn Translucent Horn Prices for all scales regardless of materials will be the same --  $99.00 -- metal lined wedges will add 9 bucks to the price.  If you are looking for wood scales or acrylic scales, please look elsewhere. As for blade work, I'll only be accepting razors that meet my requirements.  I'll be rejecting work if the razor falls into one of these categories: * is less than 5/8 width * is a full hollow grind with heavy pitting or rust * has significant hone wear * is a razor that I feel is not worth your investment in restoring or rescaling In addition to these changes, I'll be adding a new offering --  full re-grinds of near-wedge razors.  The cost for this service will be $90.00.  Inquire for more details. Thank you!
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Robert Ferman - November 18, 2020

I think that you have the " trifecta of business ", Great service, Great product, Great price. Thanks.

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