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December Update - Home Made 2x72 Grinder, Large Razor hitting E-bay soon!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all having an excellent December. A few things of note: - I am behind! Whats new! :) - I have, for the most part, stopped taking on new restoration work. Feel free to e-mail or fill out a quote form, but, there is a good chance that I will not accept the work. Don't take it personally -- I am just trying to make some time to clear out my "to-do" drawer of razors, and will likely be selling many of them on E-bay troughout January, February, and March. - a LARGE, RARE RAZOR will be hitting E-bay VERY soon. Hint: Its got a big Anchor on it! I'm not expecting for it to sell cheaply :) - I intend to begin playing with my new grinder in the next few months. Maggard Custom Razors? Just might happen in the near future...I have a lot to learn though! Check out this video: Home Made 2x72 Grinder Update over! Thanks to all my customers!!!! -Brad Maggard
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Michael - November 18, 2020


I love your video series and this post was great! I live in a rental so power tools aren’t a realistic option at the moment.

I’d love any input you may have on removing scales without the drill press or Dremel used in your videos!

Thank you for taking the time to put all of this information together and share it!

Julien - November 18, 2020


try with flush cutters

works impressively well.

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