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Frustrating week in the shop

Making custom razor scales doesn't always go as planned.. this week I had to scrap 3 sets of scales due to problems with the material. It put me behind / cost me a few days. My backlog had to be adjusted yet again ( the ETA dates) , and I apologize if you have been waiting patiently and keep watching your razors creep into the future... The dates posted are just estimations.. I can't really predict what will this week! Thanks for the patience everyone!
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Brad - November 18, 2020

Thanks Jeremy!

Jake - November 18, 2020

Never thought people would restore straight razors. You can buy theme so cheap now I just assumed people would would not waste time restoring. I guess an antique is an antique.

Hendy - November 18, 2020

I’m new to this… out of curiosity, are 5/8 cheaper simply because of less metal volume? I’ve read larger blades can be more difficult to use for beginners. If I was going to restore myself, is there anything wrong with a 5/8 if they don’t have some of the more major issues you mention above (rust/pitting in the hollow and/or uneven hone wear)? What causes uneven hone wear, by the way? Is this all due to the previous owners applying uneven pressure? Or something inherent to the blade itself?

Jeremy Menefee - November 18, 2020

Sweet write up, Brad! This should be posted on razor sites world-round

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