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New Site Account Setup!

New Site Account Setup!

Our new site runs on a completely different platform.

Because of this, you'll need to create a new account.  This can be done quickly and easily!

When you create your account, if you use the SAME EMAIL address from our old site, all of your order history will be imported in automatically (Note: We are still working on some order history between Nov 16, 2020 and Jun 15, 2021)

Ready to create your account?


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Eugene - June 17, 2021

(Currently on mobile site) Please, bring back a “search by brand“ function. That’s how I search for stuff.

Olaf - June 16, 2021

everything is wonderful, but the robot is really annoying, does that have to be?

BRADLEY D MAGGARD - June 15, 2021


We’re still working to import orders from November 2020 → June 2021.
Our old site only kept 12 months of orders. rest assured they’ll be there.


William G Rose Jr - June 15, 2021

Created new account for new website platform, using the same e-mail address as my old account, as instructed. My account info was NOT transferred over to my new account automatically, as promised. Is it all lost now? New site looks great, BTW, long since time it was revamped. Hope the bugs are few and minor.

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