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New Site Account Setup!

New Site Account Setup!

Our new site runs on a completely different platform.

Because of this, you'll need to create a new account.  This can be done quickly and easily!

When you create your account, if you use the SAME EMAIL address from our old site, all of your order history will be imported in automatically (Note: We are still working on some order history between Nov 16, 2020 and Jun 15, 2021)

Ready to create your account?


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Lindsay McKee - July 18, 2021

Are there problems logging in to your website using iPad. It just refuses to work .I can log in OK on my Android?

Alfred Venegas - July 12, 2021

I dont like this new website takes longer to navigate I like the old one easy to look up what you need click to cart and buy. A Venegas USMC retired

Jody - June 25, 2021

Unfortunately, it did not bring over any of my order history nor my saved address information. Not a big deal really as I’ve only placed one order with your site, last month, and I can enter my address again. Just wanted to give a heads up that it’s not working as described it would.

Brad Maggard - June 23, 2021

Sean: We’ll work on adding a BY BRAND feature!!

William Clarke - June 22, 2021

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I have purchased some great razors and other products. Your service has been excellent.

Sean - June 18, 2021

Adding request for return of the ‘brand’ function. I do quite like the way it breaks down categories, though.

Greg - June 18, 2021

Very nice update. A lot more intuitive and easier to get/see some information then before.

Small note: Only a few empty knots are pulled up when filtering by empty knots.

Eugene - June 17, 2021

(Currently on mobile site) Please, bring back a “search by brand“ function. That’s how I search for stuff.

Olaf - June 16, 2021

everything is wonderful, but the robot is really annoying, does that have to be?

BRADLEY D MAGGARD - June 15, 2021


We’re still working to import orders from November 2020 → June 2021.
Our old site only kept 12 months of orders. rest assured they’ll be there.


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