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Been doing a lot of razor restoration work this month, since I have had every Thursday and Friday off my day job! A couple months ago, Matthew from Razor Emporium ( approached me about possibly setting up a storefront on their site for restores done by me. To be perfectly honest, I was not very interested, because I stay busy enough with peoples restorations along with an e-bay sale here or there. Long story short, he talked me into letting him send me a box of razors he had. Although the whole box was pretty rough, 6 of them ended up being worth saving. I did some restore work on them, and sent them back to him. He will be listing them for sale on his website soon. Although not the prettiest of the razors out there, since they were in pretty poor shape when I received them, I turned them all into EXCELLENT shavers. I know, because I had a shave with 3 of them yesterday and 3 of them today! :) joseph-smith-7wostenholm-pipe-6 I'm not sure if I'll be sending any more razors their way. Meanwhile, I have been getting caught up on the rescales, and I'm hoping to put some time into finishing off my new knife grinder before Thanksgiving. I'll be posting a long story regarding that project soon here on my site, if you haven't already been following my thread at SRP. I think customs are in my future..... :) THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONE! This is a heck of a hobby!!!!
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