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Fatip Classic Lo Storto Chrome Slant Open Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Fatip
11 reviews
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Lo Storto Chrome Open Comb Slant

The highly anticipated slant razor with oblique head and “guillotine” cut for an even more effective shave.

Made with the classic chrome finish with Open Comb Slant head, the STORTO CHROME also features an equally particular handle design with an oblique string motif that recalls the concept of razor and insurance for a secure grip.


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Scott N.
United States United States

The sweet spot of slants!

This is the 1!

United States United States

So close!

After many years of shaving with different electric razors I decided to try double edge shaving. I was just not getting a good shave with electric shavers anymore even after replacing cutters etc. as recommended by the manufacturers. I have now been wet shaving for a couple of months. I started with Cremo shave cream but have switched to Proraso with menthol and eucalyptus. I much prefer this for its lather and aromatic qualities. For a double edge razor I started with a King C Gillette. It gives a pretty good shave but is on the mild side. I also bought a Viking Emperor adjustable razor for evaluating blades. I have used it with a variety of blades at various settings from a sample pack. At this point my preferences are Voshkod, Astra and Treet.. Today I received a Fatip Lo Storto open comb. I just did a two-pass shave with it using a Voshkod blade. Wow! Talk about baby butt smooth and no nicks. That is a big deal for me since I'm on a blood thinner. I am very happy with this razor but plan to evaluate different aftershaves to improve immediate post-shave comfort.

Stephen J. Greager

Customer review

This is my first slant and it is a fantastic razor. I got a two-pass bbs shave using a GSB blade and Arko soap, with no irritation. It was such a good shave at such a good price I bought another just for a rainy day.


Customer review

Beautiful slant razor. Close and comfortable shave without irritation. Sharp blades works great.


Customer review

I use slant razors most of the time such as the Maggard Slant and German 37. I decided to try an open comb slant so opted for the Fatip Classic Lo Storto Chrome Slant Open Comb DE Safety Razor, as it gets good reviews and is very well priced. The Fatip open comb slant (FOCS) feels smoother than what I expected. It also has a minimal blade feel to it which makes you think the razor is not doing much. However the razor works very well and you have to trust the razor and not add any pressure while using it. I had no blade alignment issues with this razor and the blade was tight on the top cap pins. The FOCS took a while to master as my Maggard slant and German 37 with the Razorock HD handle weigh more, so I let the weight of these slants do the work with no pressure. My first few shaves with the FOCS I did used a bit of pressure, due to the lighter weight of the razor, and found I missed bits and had a bit of irritation. After a few shaves with a Nacet blade and minimal pressure I got a very smooth and irritation free BBS shave. This is a well rounded slant and is nearly as smooth as the Maggard Slant, but a slight bit more aggressive. The FOCS has less blade feel than the German 37 and a touch milder, but a lot smoother. I would recommend this razor to most moderate to experienced safety razor shavers, who want a close but smooth 2 pass shave.