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Gillette Guard Single Blade Cartridge Razor

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8 Reviews
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Gillette Guard Razor Blades feature a single-blade system lined with a safety comb to prevent nicks and cuts.

  • Single Blade System
  • Head refills available, handle is reusable.
  • A Safety Comb to prevent nicks and cuts
  • Superior grip with flexible pivoting head
  • Maneuvers with the curve of the face neck and chin
  • Excellent for air travel

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Customer Reviews
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Garry SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Great travel option for wet shavers who prefer a single blade. The handle does wear out after changing the cartridge a couple dozen times but cheap enough to not matter for me.

Teko SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Great travel razor!


Customer review

Purchased as airplane carry-on permissible alternative to my preferred safety razor. I am unable to get a clean shave without painful and unsightly razor burn with the more widely-available multi-blade cartridge razors, and the few other single-blade alternatives (e.g., Bic yellow and white single-blade razors or generic store-brand equivalents) give me very poor and generally inconsistent shaves. Obviously this razor isn't going to perform like my Muhle or Rockwell razor with a Feather blade in it, but I find this much more comfortable and effective than any other disposable or cartridge razor than I have been able to find. Also, I have to admit, I kind of like having a pivoting head on a single-blade razor - haven't encountered this combination anywhere else, and I like it. I'd give this 5 stars as a substitute for a safety razor suitable for airplane carry-on, and still at least 3 stars and maybe 4 as a general use razor.


Customer review

Average shave. Probably best for taking on trips. Would not buy for everyday shaver.

Robert S.

Customer review

Wow, I see Maggard has these cheaper than another site I order these from. I'm going to have to order these here from now on. Now, that said, I use this mostly to head shave. The open comb and wide gap makes it impossible to clog. I shave my head once or twice a week. These were developed in India because Indian men's beard are very thick, that plus most villagers don't have running water in the house so they sit on the floor with a bowl of water and a mirror. They can rinse the blade in the cup of water. No need for a faucet. I do this sometimes while watching TV, LOL. Ido shave my face with it occassionaly to give my face a break from DE shaving. Its somewhat mild but very efficient. So you guys out there need the best razor for head shaving this one is it!!