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Tabac Original Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl, 4.4oz

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by Tabac
8 reviews
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Tabac Original Shaving Soap produces a luxurious lather to ensure an easy, comfortable shave.

TABAC ORIGINAL shaving soap for the jar is an important part of the masculine wet shaving ritual. The shaving soap ensures the perfect shaving preparation: it optimally softens the beard hair and allows the blade to glide perfectly for a smooth and gentle shave. The shaved skin smells of the unmistakable TABAC ORIGINAL with its tart, spicy, fresh and masculine note.

Comes is ceramic bowl with lid

Ingredients: See photo of packaging (This is the new formula without tallow)

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Probably my favorite soap

I just love Tabac. It's a shame they had to reformulate, but I've got enough for a couple years now! :)

Customer review

Still my absolute favorite ! Performance wise this is one of the best on the market. Scent wise I love it ! Some say the scent is too strong but I like strong scented soaps aka Tabac, Pre d Provence, Fine, all similar as far as performance and scent strength goes and also good size, hard milled pucks. I was dissapointed to see Fine switch to croaps. Tabac is the real deal.

Customer review

Received my order in perfect condition. The Tabac bowl was bigger and stronger than I thought it would be—more premium than expected. The soap works into a thick cream very quickly and performs as well as other reviewers have stated. The fragrance isn’t bad, nothing to be upset about BUT it does have a pronounced Parfume/Fragrance to it. Parfume never needs to list what’s actually in it—nothing to look at here. However it’s in everything these days so by the time you use your shampoo, pre-shave, soap, aftershave, etc you have applied several layers of Parfume and that’s not great. We have more cases of athesma and breathing conditions than ever before, well, before they started putting Parfume in everything. So, for those with athesma or if you are allergic to the ingredients of Parfume (many are and don’t know it) just take the proper precautions to deal with possible reactions. I will still use Tabac because it’s a great product but always shower afterwards to avoid a reaction. Other than that it’s a great product and may very well be one of the top soaps to use.

Customer review

Well I don't love the scent and I don't hate the scent. I've actually smelled this many times just never knew it was Tabac. The lather is as advertised, excellent. I understand why it is the soap by which other soaps are compared. Very nice.

Larry M.
Customer review

I am relatively new to wet shaving. I have some of the best creams and soaps - Castle and Forbes, Le Pere Lucien, and Barrister and Mann. I keep going back to Tabac. I have sensitive skin, and Tabac offers more protection, hands down, than the others. It lathers very easily, and is rich and creamy. The scent I love because of its sweet tobacco smell. I got the ceramic bowl, and I think a bowl would last at least a year with daily use. A must try!