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Boker 140203 Abalone 6/8 French Point Straight Razor, Professionally Honed

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by Boker
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The Boker Abalone combines extraordinary design and outstanding performance. The die-forged blade of this exceptional straight razor consists of carbon steel O1 (1.2510) hardened to 59-61 HRC. Thanks to its superior characteristics and excellent edge retention, this carbon steel is the perfect material for premium straight razors. Apart from classic materials that have been defining the popular Boker Straight Razor for decades, we are always looking for modern and innovative natural material combinations offering a special look or feel that our customers will love. White gold, sea snails or sea ears are just some other names of the abalone.

These mollusks live off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Mexico and South Africa, attaching themselves to rocks just a few meters below the surface. As a great delicacy, they are desirable enough to have caused entire gang wars in the past. Today, the precious natural product is raised in water farms. The beautiful shells with their almost artificial looking shimmer have always been used as decoration, implements or material for jewelry, intarsia or mother-of-pearl clips. Employing cutting-edge production methods, a wafer-thin layer of colorful abalone is applied to a carrier and encased in transparent acrylic. The resulting durable material is perfect for making straight razor handles, enriching the piece with unusual colors and a three-dimensional look.

The 6/8" blade of this exceptional singing straight razor has an extremely hollow grind with serration on both sides. The French point of the blade made from O1 carbon steel matches the unusual abalone handle. The simple laser engraving goes back to a historic etched pattern used at the start of the 20th century for particularly exquisite Boker straight razors. Comes in a frame case and with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Straight Razor
  • Boker
  • /8
  • Carbon Steel
  • Abalone
  • French point
  • Solingen, Germany
  • Green
  • Uncoated
  • 140557
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