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Boker 140557 Blue Shell 7/8 Square Point Straight Razor, Professionally Honed

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by Boker
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The so-called broadswords refer to particularly powerful razors and not only inspire confirmed lovers of the classic wet shave, but also us, again and again.

The mighty 7/8 inch wide blade of this exceptional razor also carries a Barber's Notch.

Paua are crustaceans of the abalone genus, but unlike abalones they are only found in the unspoilt nature of New Zealand's coastal waters. They have been used by the Maori as traditional body ornaments for many centuries and are still used today as decorations for figures, weapons and meeting houses. The impressive handle scales are absolutely unique in colour and pattern. In addition to the extraordinary adhesion material, which is additionally provided with an ornamental rivet, the detailed blade laser engraving immediately catches the eye.

A historical Boker etching, with which our razors were already decorated around 1900, served as a model. The blade is ground extra hollow with ridge. With authentic Boker stamp in the blade passage, certificate of authenticity and historical packaging.

Handmade in the Boker knife manufactory Solingen.

  • Straight Razor
  • Boker
  • 7/8
  • Carbon Steel
  • Paua
  • Barber's Notch
  • Solingen, Germany
  • Blue
  • Uncoated
  • 140557
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