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10% OFF site wide with code: MEMORIAL10 through Monday!

Tatara Razors Masamune and Nodachi Titanium Open Comb Base Plates, 2 Options

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TITANIUM: The Titanium razor is roughly 55% lighter than the Stainless Steel. It is a gamechanger when it comes to the power of manoeuvering and it grants the shaver more control over the amount of pressure, angle and direction of the blade, so the shave itself reflects your technique.

The bottom plate comprises the Tatara “T” slots to guide the blade and a hole in the middle of the plate configured to receive the cap and engage with the handle.

Due to the geometry between the top cap and the bottom plate, when the razor is assembled, the blade will deform and achieve a certain blade angle.

The open comb plate is designed to guide stubble against the blade, making it easier to cut longer and thicker hair. Its dented configuration allows more lather to remain on the face and gives higher exposure between your skin and the blade.

Masamune Blade Gap: 0.73mm

Nodachi Blade Gap: 0.73mm


Exchanging parts between Masamune and Masamune Nodachi is 100% possible. 


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