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Dorco BB-20 Barber Shavette Single Edge Blades, 20 Blades

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by Dorco
2 reviews
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Similar to Feather Artist Club Professional Blades. 20 blades per pack

Blades are packed in their own injector-style dispenser for fast, easy, and safe blade installation and convenient storage.

These fit the Greager GR-100B Kamasori Style Shavette

NOTE: They do not fit the Blackland Vector, ATT SE1 or most other single edge razors.

Contains 20 Blades


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Customer review

I tried one and couldn't shave with it because it was very uncomfortable and it just barely cut hair. If felt like it was plucking hairs. It is not a heavy beard. I shaved for many years with a straight razor. I have used a Kai double edge razor for a month and it was still sharper that this Dorco. Maybe I got a bad blade.


Customer review

I really like these blades. The only reason I took off a star in the rating is I can't use them in all of my razors. As stated, they fit the CJB kamisori-style razor (I bought one when I purchased the blades). I've also used them in my Feather Artist Club ACS-NB (non-folding) and ACS-RB (folding) razors with no issues. They also fit my RazoRock Hawk V2 and V3 razors, but not my RazoRock Hawk V1 nor The General by Colonial Razors. Other than that, they perform very well and I'm able to get at least two weeks of great daily shaves out of them. I bought them at a ridiculously low price during a Black Friday sale, so I see no reason to use them past my self-imposed limit of two weeks other than an experiment in longevity to satisfy my curiosity. This is just a review based on my experience with these blades; YMMV.