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Dorco Prime Platinum Double Edge Blades, 10 Blades

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by Dorco
6 reviews
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New Dorco Prime Platinum Blades, 10 blades per pack

100pk of Dorco Prime Platinum blades can be found here

Made in Vietnam

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Customer Reviews
3.3 Based on 6 Reviews
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Allan C.
Customer review

I really like these blades in my Gillette Superspeed. Extremely smooth, but still capable of delivering a very close shave with zero irritation. Just a pleasure to use. There are other blades I prefer in my Maggard razors, however.

Customer review

It's axiomatic that there will be wildly differing opinions on almost anything shaving related. I find that these give me a shaving experience best described as...agricultural. I didn't actually think there was a blade that could make a couple of my favorite razors shave like farm implements. These are just terrible.

Customer review

These are good blades for the price. Although they're far from my favorite blades (I prefer sharper blades.), they work well enough to provide a decent shave, and they're very cheap. Some people only use them in aggressive razors, but they work fine for me in both aggressive and mild razors in spite of the fact that I have very shave-resistant whiskers.

Customer review

Better than their previous blades but still not one I would have on hand....I get much better shaves with the Russian brands. Maggards service and shipping was great ad usual...

Max S.
Customer review

I think this is my new favorite blade. You can find 100 of these blades very cheap in some areas. The new improved dorco blades are thinner, and double coated. They also claim that the double coating comes perfectly sharp on the first pass... some coated blades have better shaves the second time around due to the coatings... New packaging looks cool! I am liking these.