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Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge, 5 Blades

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17 reviews
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One of the Sharpest Blades Available, these stainless steel blades made in Russia are a must-try!

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Rafael M.
Customer review

didnt work for me... too agressive. it remembers me the feather.

Customer review

These get good reviews, but did not work for me. Nothin' but tuggin'.

Customer review

Woww. Absolutely perfect. Got a BBS shave with a Merkur 34HD. Sharp, yet VERY confortable on the skin. No irritation left. Will by in bulk.

Customer review

This might be THE ONE! In my two month search for MY blade, this may have come out on top. I think I'll have to give this 7 O'Clock (yellow) stainless SharpEdge another comparison round with the three others I've liked: Astra Stainless, Crystal, and Lord Stainless. I think two passes would be enough with this blade (did a two pass + a touch-up on my neck today) where the other blades mentioned seemed to take 3-4 passes for a BBS shave. During the three shaves with this blade there have been no weepers and only a tinge of sting during the alum rub down. Next shave I'll do only two passes and see if the touch-up is really required - think the touch-up pass is what's causing the minor burn. Probably wouldn't even notice a burn if I didn't use the alum block. In this next round of testing I'll try to keep everything else consistent: same pre-shave oil, soap and post shave balm. I had been experimenting with soaps and creams during much of the past wo months. BTW, my #1 soap so far has been Mitchell' s Wool Fat. I think things were much simpler back in 1960 when the only choice I remember were Gillette Blue, or Red? :-)

Customer review

Update: After sampling a number of other blades, I've decided to use this only in my Parker TTO, which I rarely use these days. In that razor, this blade always gave me close, comfortable shaves with no irritation. In my Maggard MR6 however, it does not perform as well as some of the other blades I've sampled. It is still a good blade and a good value but I'll primarily be using others in my MR6.