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iKon B1 Slant DLC Stainless Steel Head Only

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by iKon
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A moderately aggressive solid stainless steel head with black DLC coating.

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A Maggard Razors Customer
Canada Canada

A great slant and a favorite razor — once you get the angle

This is a delightful razor — both very comfortable and very efficient — but it does require using light pressure and — most important — a good shaving angle. The best angle is letting the razor ride on the cap. Move the handle toward being perpendicular to the skin being shaved. At a certain angle — long before you reach the perpendicular — the razor will stop cutting. Move the handle a bit back toward your face, just until cutting resumes. The razor will be riding the edge of the cap, and with this cutting angle, the razor will be quite comfortable and disinclined to nice. Men who have not used a slant sometimes wonder how to accommodate the slanted head, and the answer is that you don't, really. You use the razor exactly as though it were a conventional razor. The slant will do the work. (But note remarks above on angle and pressure.) This razor also has excellent acoustics, and the sound of stubble being mowed down by the blade is oddly satisfying. A great razor.

United States United States

Not a fan

Well made but not a great fit for me. Used exclusively for a month or so and getting worse shaves than the merkur I started with.


Customer review

IKon B1 Slant Review... I seldom submit reviews of an item this early in as I normally prefer to use the product for several months before doing so. In this case, it simply wasn't necessary. Some time back I purchased an iKon X3 slant, which I've truly enjoyed as it's one "sweet" razor. That having been said, I've always found myself wanting for a slant with just a "little" more efficiency. I have a thick, wirey, greying beard that grows in a swirl pattern over much of my face and neck. In recent years I've found it necessary to make more passes than I typically like with some of my DE's in order to get a decent shave. As a result, I've begun to pursue slightly more aggressive razors that wouldn't require such an approach. The iKon B1 Slant has turned out to be just that. I can easily obtain a DFS/near BBS in 2 quick drama free passes and get on with my day. IMHO one would be hard pressed to find a smoother, more efficient razor. I "personally" find it comparable to my Rockwell 6S (which I most often use on plate 6). Please keep in mind as with all things related to the wet shaving hobby, YMMV. I look forward to trying other iKon products in the future, particularly their open comb razor. The quality and precision of these products are nothing short of spectacular. Keep up the great work iKon!


Customer review

i have 2 slants ATT S2 and now the IKON B1 slant this razor is so much more efficient then the ATT S2 ATT S2 gets a pretty good shave, but EXTREMELY comfortable IKON gets a EXTREMELY close shave, and a little bit of irritation but i could just shave down with the IKON and get about or closer then the amount of closeness that i could get with the ATT S2 if your undecided which razor to get between above the tie or ikon definitely go with the ikon you will not be disappointed between my muhle R41, att s2, futur, vision 200, the ikon would be my favorite


Customer review

I just purchased this ikon slant, and I could not believe how smoooth my face was after the first pass, but I went on to the second across the grain, and I was done. With the closest shave of my life, I paired the head with the Maggard MR8 handle, a match made in heaven. With all that weight the razor just glided across my face, it was the best move I made in getting this head and handle. Great service and very good quality shaving gear. I will continue to purchase my shaving needs here, and would HIGHLY recommend that you do the same. Thanks again for GREAT service and goods.