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Lord Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 10 Blades

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by Lord
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Lord Super Stainless double edge razor blades are stainless blades that fit all double edge safety razors.

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Customer Reviews
4.6 Based on 10 Reviews
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Customer review

My #1 blade for me. These blades are sharp and lasts 4-5 shaves for me.

Big D.
Customer review

Not sharp enough for me. I tried a new blade in each of 3 different razors and could barely get my whiskers cut off.

Customer review

These are hands down the best blades that i have used. I stop using them after 10 shaves just because I feel like I should. I seriously think you could get 15-20 shaves out of these. And I don't shave every day. I shave 3 times a week. Super sharp, super smooth. I tried about 15 different blades and these are my favs.

Customer review

I didn't really have high hopes for these blades given the price and my lack of luck with super stainless blades, but they proved me wrong. Very sharp and extremely smooth. At 20 cents a blade, they're a steal. I haven't done a side by side with my favorite (Rapira Platinum Lux) but if these last more than 3-4 shaves I'll buy a whole bunch. All I know for now is, toss one of these in Maggard's V2 OC head and lather up some MWF and you're in for a truly memorable shave.

brad w.
Customer review

these turned out to be one of my favorite blades. very smooth with almost no tugging and they have good longevity. I would also recommend trying a blade sampler to find the blade that's right for you.