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Maggard Razors Ceramic Shaving Scuttle with Handle

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A shaving scuttle was developed around the 19th century; the first patent for a shaving mug is dated 1867. As hot water was not common in many households, one way to provide hot lather was to use a scuttle or mug. A traditional scuttle resembles a teapot . Hot water is poured into spout and sits under the lather bowl portion thus allowing the heat from the hot water to warm up the lather in the bowl.

Bowl is glazed in a high-gloss finish.  Colors will vary from bowl to bowl.

Each scuttle features ridges on the sides to expedite the lathering process. 

A small plastic funnel and rubber stopper are included.   

The inner diameter of the bowl measures at approximately 4.25" across and 2.25" deep. The spout opening is 7/16" diameter.

These bowls are not available for international shipping. These also do not qualify for free shipping unfortunately.

They will be shipped with USPS Priority Mail, at the following rates:

Orders placed with total under $59 = $9.95

Orders placed with total over   $59 = $6.95


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