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Muhle R41 Chrome Open Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Muhle
8 Reviews
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The new tooth comb safety razor from MÜHLE

The safety razor with an open tooth comb has been developed specially for practised wet shavers. Due to the principle of its construction, which features a special blade angle, the new model allows a vigorous, very direct shaving technique. As on safety razors with closed combs, the curved blade is exposed and clamped in place by the curvature of the cap. The open tooth comb and a gap behind the foam edge ensure that stubble and foam are transported away during the shave. This means that the edge is kept free of residues. All in all an innovative design which also makes subsequent cleaning easier.

The new safety razor is predestined for men with a denser, stronger beard growth or for those prefer to sport three-day stubble. The model variants include handles made of white and black high-grade resin and/or with chrome-plated chasing.

Measurements: 41 mm x 94 mm

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Perfect safety razor for straight razor users!

Given the controversy, and the mixed reviews that this razor has had over the years, I've hesitated to purchase it until this year's Black Friday. I alternate using straight razors and safety razors, depending on how much time I have in the mornings. This morning, I used the Mule R41 for the first time ever with a new Gillette Platinum blade. The experience was perfection. Blade feel, efficient, and DFS on 1 pass, BBS on pass #2. I cannot be happier. Gorgeous chrome, weight, grip... I can go on. Highly recommended for those who enjoy the blade field, more specifically for guys who are used to straight razors and love that type of experience, this razor is the safety razor equivalent experience.

A Maggard Razors Customer
United States United States

Perfectly efficient

Based upon my skin/beard combo, I took a flyer on this as I was looking for an efficient razor to cut through my coarse beard across my sensitive skin. My daily driver is a Merkur 37c slant but felt I needed to step up the efficiency for a closer shave. I use feathers and they pair beautifully with this razor. I hesitate to make blade/razor recommendations as everyone's beard and skin is quite different; but if you're looking for efficiency, it's a great combo. I'm only a few months into wet shaving but I haven't had any nicks or cuts with the feather combo. Take your time with it and it will reward you!


Overly aggressive, mediocre razor top to bottom

I've been shaving DE for about 5 years now. I've tried about 10 different razors at this point, Maggard V3A, DE89, Parker OC, Maggard slant, a twist-to-open Gillette, Fatip OC's, and others. The Muhle is a totally different beast. It comes across as very aggressive. I've been shaving with DE for so long, I forgot what it was like to fear cutting myself while shaving. The comb doesn't have enough points of contact with the skin, and the points of contact are extremely narrow, so you really feel the blade riding against the skin even with very light pressure. This effect is very pronounced on the chin area where you can't get the full comb in contact with the skin. The effect is also compounded by the low angle at which the R41 places the blade. The blade "scrapes" horizontally across the hairs/skin to make the cut as opposed to slicing through them like it would if it were at a steeper angle. Even "riding the cap" as much as I possibly can, it still comes across as "scrapey". Even the handle of this razor sucks. It looks nice, but it has a rounded bottom, so it can't be stored upright. It's extremely slippery, making it even more difficult to exercise the fine control a head like this requires. I shaved a couple times with a few other normal/knurled handles (shoutout to Maggard, their handles are great) and the experience was significantly improved. Overall I cannot recommend this razor to anyone. If you want to try a slightly more aggressive head, the Maggard V3A is the way to go. If you want to try an open comb, go with the Parker/Maggard V2, which is ironically quite a mild head, almost the opposite of this one.


Customer review

I own some pretty aggressive razors and by far this is the most aggressive. With a Gillette Blue and Silver blade I get a two pass shave. Usually takes three passes. The razor itself is well built with a nice chrome finish and knurled handle. I have been wet shaving for years so I didn't have a problem, but I knew on the first pass that this razor is more aggressive than the rest. Great Shaver!


Customer review

Started with a DE89BL, jumped up to this after having to make multiple passes even with Feather's. Hole-eee-****. This is an entirely different beast. Those that say it's like shaving with a straight razor are spot on. And absolutely love it. Takes care to learn how to use correctly and you have to pay attention, but provides a fantastic shave with just one pass and typically only have to do WTG/ATG. I use Gillette Blue's and they work great. Highly recommended, but know that it will take a bit to learn how to use it correctly.