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NEW! Maggard Razors G5 Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot, 26mm

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4 reviews
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New! G5 Brush Knots.

The G5 has increased back bone and more natural splay.

The Maggard line of Synthetic Shaving brushes are sure to be a favorite among beginners and veterans alike.

For all of you hobby brush makers, we are happy to be able to provide these knots for all of your custom brush projects.

Knot Size: 26mm

Total Height from base of plug to tips: 67mm


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Sterling C.
United States United States


Best knot on the market. Ultra soft even when splayed with high backbone. My favorite brush has this knot. It's a few mm shorter than others knots so just set it with a high loft. Don't let the first review of the gentleman with poor capabilities as a Craftsman deter you. He shouldn't have let those shortcomings bleed over to the knots performance. This knot approaches perfection.

United States United States

Best knot on the market

This is the best knot on the market. It's soft, even while splayed and has better water retention due to the staggered fiber tech than any other synthetic and has plenty of backbone. The 1 star reviewer stating they think it's a bad knot because of the shorter loft makes absolutely no sense to me considering that all you have to do is have a more shallow hole to bring the loft up (which i do recommend). There's plenty of loft to do so. Don't let dude's lack of craftsmanship push you away from trying this knot. This is the knot that killed my acquisition disorder. I'll be selling of most of my other brushes now that I have a G5.

Peter W.
United States United States

My customers love this knot.

I purchase these knots to use in the brushes I make. Both I and my customers love it. Knots are difficult to describe given all the nuances and various descriptive words which are all subjective, but the tips are super soft. They feel amazing on my face, yet the inherent design of the knot provides good backbone for soaps and creams and lathers it up very well. The fibers not only look similar to a Badger knot, they function somewhat similar to Badger for lathering. Of course, no water absorption is possible with nylon fibers, but the preparation and cleanup of synthetic knots is worth the tradeoff for me anyway. I read the other review concerning the loft. To me, it made no sense what he was saying. Most brush makers will vary the hole size and depth for the knot socket hole to meet the requests of the customer. I am not aware of any required 20mm depth or a 20mm "standard depth." When I set this particular 26mm knot, I was easily able to set it in a 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm) diameter hole and only 12mm deep. That was more than enough to hide the manufacturing glue that shows on the knot. I was able to achieve a 53mm loft without any issues at all. Personally, I think this knot performs extremely well at the maximum loft (52-53mm) and I personally would see no reason why you would ever need to lower it into a deep socket hole, in fact, I think it would NOT function well with a tight/low loft. I give it a 5 star rating because it really is a knot that you should experience whether you prefer badger or synthetic. If you like synthetic knots, you will love it. If you prefer badger brushes and want to try synthetic for travel, the 20mm-24mm version of this knot could be ideal for your travel needs.

Benjamin S.
United States United States

Too short, large fur bump

Quite disappointed in this knot, especially since it Costs as much as some badger knots. The glue bump is quite large, but the major downside is the height. Most handle makers drill their handles to around 20mm, meaning the loft of this would be 47mm which is too low for a synthetic, especially one with this much backbone. My 26mm knot was only 65mm tall, so even shorter than listed. The knot needs to be 70-72mm tall for optimum depth in most artisan handles. Not recommended, all the other synthetic knots sold here are superior, in my opinion.