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Ralf Aust Razor Pinning Kit for 2 Razors

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These German manufactured pinning supplies are an excellent option to pin up our recently introduced Ralf Aust replacement scales.

They also match the look of many other current production razors (Boker, Dovo) - and many 20th century vintage razors.

Included is enough supplies to pin 2 razors.

4 Nails
4 Wide Washers (for between tang and scale)
8 Rosettes (we include an extra 4 in case you drop any during pinning. they disappear, believe me)

These nails are relatively short -- which means if you're buying them to pin a custom set of scales, you need to ensure that the max width of your razor tang, both scales, and pivot washers must be less than 0.470" to make these pins usable!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rosettes do not fit over the tip of the nails without some force.You must make a small jig from a very hard wood or a soft metal block (brass or aluminum) to use these pins. Use a 1/16" bit, drill a hole least 1/2" deep, and then drill a very shallow countersink with a 1/8" bit. Set the rosette washer carefully in the countersink, and assemble your razor, then guide the tip of the nail into the rosette and give it a few taps from the other side. The rosette will easily slide over the nail and at that point is permanent. Trim off the tip of the nail, and file the nail shorter if necessary, then peen it carefully.


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