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Shannon's Soaps Bay Patchouli Grapefruit Aftershave Splash, 100ml - Alcohol Free

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Bay Patchouli Grapefruit: By popular request… Here’s a scent inspired by our popular Bay Patchouli Orange bath soap. It’s not your father’s bay rum!

"I'm going to level with you here... Many of our customers tell us that after using one of our artisan shaving soaps, they find that they don't need an aftershave due to our soaps' post-shave properties. But if you got a bit of razor burn from a rushed shave, or you want the heavenly scent of our shaving soap to stick around for a little longer, you might consider one of our alcohol-free splashes." - Shannon's Soaps

Ingredients: (Alcohol free) Witch Hazel, Water, Fragrance, Glycerin, Menthol


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Customer review

If it doesn't have rum, can you still say it's Bay Rum? My nose says YES. I'm a Bay Rum fan, and I love this stuff ... Shannon got this one just right. Other comments cover the scent pretty well, and oh man, I am so glad I gave it a whirl.

Wilson J.
Customer review

Not your Pappy's bay rum - indeed! . Shannon Soap's has elevated the BR experience for me with this interesting combination list. I like the old standards & I even like the versions of Bay Rum heavy on clove. it's just all in the experience of enjoying how men's grooming products have changed while other's have stayed the same. That is why I think this is a more modern and sophisticated Bay Rum scent. The Bay and Grapefruit are standouts for me & the patchouli is subtle & ends up in the drydown. I can easily wear this to work in an office setting without prompting the question which floor is getting re-varnished today? There are plenty of brands that have that kind of projection & I appreciate them for their nostalgia, but I am so pleased to have a slightly different twist on a beloved scent from Shannon's Soaps. Her offerings make her a top-shelf artisan in my book. Buy with confidence. We are lucky to have such a reputable vendor like Maggard's Razors offering such exceptional items.

Customer review

To my nose, this the best bay rum version available. Very refreshing and suitable for year round use. As a performer, it's kind of a toner. It lacks the strength of alcohol based products and it won't moisturise your face as a balm would. The menthol is barely noticeable too. What I like the most is that I can carry this great scent for a couple of hours after my shave. I wish more artisans offered a non alcohol aftershave for the international customers like myself. PS: Maggard rocks, I'll keep repeating that in every review.