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Shannon's Soaps Lit Tallow Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Lit: Cleveland Industrial meets Cleveland Wilderness. Deeply smoky, softened by sensual floral undertones in our original blend of essential oils and single-note fragrance oils.

Tallow. Lanolin. Cocoa Butter. Shea Butter. Avocado Oil... Basically everything you could want or need in an artisan shaving soap. Add great scents to the mix, and you've got the makings of a fantastic shave experience.

The shaving soap you see is the result of extensive research and careful formulation. It's tested daily, by us, and by happy wet shavers all over the world.

Our shaving soap:

  • Is hot processed with sodium and potassium hydroxide
  • Contains added glycerin for slickness
  • Lathers up thick for great cushion
  • Is available in a number of enticing scents

Ingredients: Tallow, kokum butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, stearic acid, glycerin, lanolin, coconut oil, essential oils, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide (made by hot process)


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Chris B.
Australia Australia

Another blockbuster from Shannon's

Shannon's scents are invariably in the top tier of artisan soap/scent makers to my nose, and Lit is no exception. The smoke note here is balanced and well integrated, making for a rounded, masculine, cologne-like fragrance. I don't know Texas on Fire (the scent other reviewers referenced), but this is nothing like the in-the-middle-of-a-forest-fire scent of Darkfall, for example. As always, even Shannon's basic base is the equal of any top-shelf formula out there. If you have any curiosity about this soap, for heaven's sake pull the pin! I promise you won't regret it.

Chris B.
Australia Australia

Another Favourite

It breaks my heart a little bit to see Shannon's doing dupes, because their original scents are so wonderful; kind of like Bob Dylan singing a Nickelback cover. (And yes, Aventus is Nickelback.) This soap is smoky, true, but also spicy and fresh, masculine without being hackneyed or cologne-y. The smoke is a lingering hint of Saturday night's campfire on Sunday evening, after a shower and a beer, the scent of a weekend well-spent. Shannon's premium base is pure luxury, but this standard base still matches the best any artisan has to offer. A soap that I choose from my very large collection over and over again. And also ridiculously cheap. If you have any inkling that you might like Lit, for heaven's sake pull the pin! I promise you you won't be disappointed!


Customer review

At first, I couldn't lather this soap good. What worked brilliant for me, was using a synthetic, without much water and overload the brush. When I did that, I was stunned! Creamy lather, very slick and glide, provided a very easy and irritation free shave. The post shave feel is really on top three if not the first. As far as the scent is conserned, it is one of my favorite. Yes, it may has some similarities with Texas on fire, as the gentleman above me previously mentioned, but worry not. It not so smoky, and sure not so"dirty". It is subtle, sexy, and ladies love it. The Texas on fire is more brutal, and I really, really love it, but every single one lady in my life seems to find it so heavy. The lit? Not. so, if you are are looking for soaps that will give you amazing post shave feel, and easy shaves, you ve got to try this artisan. Well done Shannon and Brian!


Customer review

Performance is good. Lather is extra thirsty. Smell is like a kinder, gentler "Texas on fire" to my nose. Not rally my style, but a quality product.