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Shannon's Soaps Silk Pajamas Goat Milk Shaving Soap, 4oz - Chupacabra Base

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At long last, a popular scent returns, with a bit of a transformation. Sweet, warm tobacco blossom, with citrus, and rose.

Chupacabra base!  Ingredient highlights:  goat milk, meadowfoam seed oil, buckthorn extract, mallow extract.  All provide even more cushion, more slickness, and an even better post-shave. 

Ingredients: Tallow, kokum butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, stearic acid, coconut, glycerin, lanolin, coconut oil, goat milk, mallow extract, buckthorn extract, meadowfoam seed oil, Vitamin E, fragrance oil, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide.


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Customer review

This is the best stop that I have used to date. I really like Mikes soaps and still do, but this one has been fantastic and the scent is lasting - my Mrs just loves it. Get it and you won't be disappointed. Lathers even in hard well water. Im using a Supply Co single edge lately and its super forgiving and fantastic also with the most aggressive plate installed.

Customer review

This is a really under rated soap that performs well above the price. Shannon's Soaps earlier soap base has that stringy quality of DG's Icarus and B and M's Reserve. Because of that, it takes a ton of water. My only gripe is that the tobacco oil used to make this absolutely lit my face on fire.

Customer review

Ok, I'm here mostly to reply to Mr.Pete, but I'm gonna review the soap anyhow. First off, this soap base is the best you can find on the market for just under 16$. Actually, it's one of the best soap bases you can find on the market, period. Like some gentleman previously mentioned (reviewing Lit), there's one way to lather Shannon's Soaps in order to reach its full potential - be it the original base or this one; 35-50 sec loading with a wet (not dripping) brush, then slowly adding water (lots and lots of it). The lather consistency feels like DG's Bison and the slickness probably surpasses it... I have literally made a whole XTG pass with no visible lather with this soap... The post shave is one of the best around too, including all the "top players". As for the scent of this one, it has been best described by the first two reviewers below. It's clean, elegant, masculine and fresh. P.S.: Shannon's original base is outstanding too (and it's THE best soap base south of 15$). You really can't go wrong with them. The most underrated artisan soap maker on the market in my opinion. The artisans mentioned in the previous comment (although I really like some of them too) are nowhere near Shannon's performance...

Pete M.
Customer review

Good soap. Minus one star (mostly for the scent) because I didn't experience much cushion with this soap. It's okay. I had high expectations based on reviews across multiple sites and all the chatter on B&B et al... I own more than 60 soaps and this one has the lathering quality of Dapper Dragon and Stirling, but only about the cushion of Proraso (see my point?). No where near the sickness and cushion of Soap Commander or Tabac. As for my gripe with the scent, it's a really sharp musk. I don't smell any citrus and only the faintest bit of floral. It has that typical 'tobacco/leather' scent that many soaps have (like MamaBear's 'Cowboy' and 'Moose Country'). Someone else said the scent strength is 6/10. I agree. I'd spend my $15 on a 6oz tub of Soap Commander instead. I'll be passing this soap on to someone else.

Customer review

I am not surprised that Shannon's is so highly rated, it makes for a fantastic experience. I love how clean and fresh this smells, like my wife getting into the freshly made bed with clean pajamas. I feel like I am pampering myself everytime I use this. Slickness and post shave are fantastic and they're in the top ten of soap makers in my opinion.