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Shave Cream Containers Various Sizes, Empty

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We sample out tons of shave creams and soaps each week. This leaves us with a bunch of empty containers.

Each container is big enough for a standard size soap puck. If your puck is too big you can grate it down and press it in.

Each container has been scraped of its contents and may need washed before use if you wish.

It's tough to watch them go in the dumpster - so we figured we'd sell them for a nominal fee that covers the labor to ship them.

If you have a special request for brand or scent, you can add it in the notes and we will try to oblige.

We make samples out of tubs for: GFT, TOBS, DR Harris, MDC, Wholly Kaw, Blackship, Edwin Jagger, A&E, Noble Otter, and a few other brands.


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Customer review

As others have said, this is an incredible deal for anyone looking for empty containers. I initially thought "Why would I want "used" containers when I could purchase "brand new" ones?" And the promise of possibly getting old containers with bits of soaps I was interested in initially sounded a bit hollow. But Maggard's (true to their word) sent me three of the exact empty sample soap containers I was requested! Even better, once I got a chance to "sample" them, I now knew which of these I wanted to buy. (As for the ones I didn't like, I could only think to myself "Wow, am I glad I didn't just purchase that soap on a whim!") A great way to get a sniff or even one shave of a soap you're interested in while getting an extra container for a sample or refill puck... Thanks, Maggard's!


Customer review

This is the best idea aver. I ordered 5 of these for some loose pucks I had. You can request brands and scents and Maggard will do there best to accommodate you. They come with enough soap for you to lather right in the container for 1 shave. You get the container plus you get to try something different. It's a win win! At $1.50 it's the best bargain out there.


Customer review

This is an excellent way to smell soaps that you never purchased before--excellent marketing strategy by Maggard. Secondly, the containers can fit any soap you need to fit into them without question. If you buy artisan soaps, van der hagen, or williams with no dish or container, this is for you.

Brian F.

Customer review

These are perfect for several reasons. One being, if you request a specific brand you will get a chances to smell what the product is like before you blindly buy it and find you do or don't like it. I got two TOBS containers, one Almond and the other Grapefruit. Loved the Almond and I will never be purchasing the Grapefruit. The second reason being all the artisan pucks you might get in trade or purchase on the boards that don't have a container. Instead of pressing them into a mug and taking it up until it is done or worse destroying the puck trying to get it out of a mug, you can just put it in it's own container and be done with it. No waste or fuss. Plus you can not beat the price, considering what you would pay in a store for something like it. You just can't go wrong with these containers.


Customer review

This was a great idea. I like having these extra containers! Great price as well.