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Boker 7 Day Wood Box for Straight Razors, Black

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by Boker
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The sensitive and fine edge of the straight razor mostly realigns after a sufficiently long resting period. If you give the edge a sufficient amount of time to recover after the shave, you can minimize the care effort and increase the lifespan of the straight razor.

For this reason, one-week sets were popular from the 19th century into the 1930s. They contained seven identical straight razors marked with the individual days of the week in a wooden box. The Boker one-week box gives the enthusiast and collector the opportunity to configure his own one-week set according to his needs, with identical or different straight razor models.

To make it less susceptible to moisture, we decided against using genuine leather and instead dressed the wood with high-quality synthetic leather inside and out, employing an elaborate wrapping technique.

The pockets with the seven straight razor receptacles have been padded to prevent slipping.

Diagonal ribbon closure in the lid and decorative brass brackets. 

Does not include any  Razors.

Dimensions: 220 mm x 175 mm

Weight: 16.04oz

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