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Dorco Red HST300R-1P Prime Japanese Steel, 100 Single Edge Razor Blades

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by Dorco
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"100 single edge razor blades Dorco Prime Red Japanese Steel

The Dorco Prime Red Japanese Steel razor blades are pre-cut shaving blades, ideal for use in all those razors that require the use of a half-cut shaving blade, such as shavettes, hair thinning razors or single edge razors.

The Dorco Prime red shaving blades, born from Dorco’s vast production experience, exclusively use uncoated Japanese steel to achieve such a sharpness that they can perform without difficulty, both perfect shaves and precision finishes thanks to the special Sharp & Round technology that allows the blade to be both sharp and rounded at the same time.

The Dorco Prime Red shaving blades are high-performance shaving blades: smooth, perfectly sharp and with excellent durability. They don’t scratch and don’t irritate the skin.

Dorco, a market leader in the East for shaving products, was established in 1955 and in almost 70 years of activity, the brand’s constantly growing popularity has allowed Dorco to expand its factories and production lines both at home (South Korea) and in Vietnam, becoming a true giant in metalworking.

What are the advantages of using pre-cut shaving blades?
For a professional, who uses the shavette (freehand razor with interchangeable blades) throughout the working day, both for finishing haircuts and for shaving, the choice of a pre-cut blade is practically mandatory.
The shaving blade, having to be necessarily replaced after each use, must support the barber and not hinder him.
Breaking a double blade in half by folding it on itself, is an imprecise operation because the metal tabs can bend excessively, often making the insertion of the broken shaving blade inside the shavette more laborious than it should be.
Every minute dedicated to these superfluous operations, is a minute of profit gone up in smoke.

In the same way, for home use, using a pre-cut shaving blade makes the operation of inserting the shaving blade inside the shavette more comfortable, simple and without risks.

Manufacturer: Dorco Shaving
Made in Vietnam

Number of blades in each package:
100 half-blades individually wrapped in wax paper."

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