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Muhle Companion Unisex Closed Comb DE Safety Razor, with Cord Hook - Rose Gold

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by Muhle
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The Rose Gold coating of the metal razor gives it a special, elegant look. The practical, replaceable cotton cord at the end of the handle comes in a warm, sand-colored beige hue in the new COMPANION version.

As the first unisex, DE razor the COMPANION features a considered design that responds to the needs of this audience, namely it is:

  • Gentle with increased protection to avoid scratches and nicks
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • Designed with diversity in mind, suitable for use on the body and face
  • Customizable and personal

GENTLE SHAVING EXPERIENCE - When designing the razor, we particularly focused on protective features, allowing for more safety in avoiding scratches or nicks than other DE razors.

The COMPANION features rails on both sides of the top plate enabling the user to find the perfect angle for shaving (30°-50°). If the angle is too small or too large the rail will adjust the distance between blade and skin. Blade exposure is also kept at a minimum level to allow for a smooth yet gentle shave.

Furthermore, the head features protective flaps over the blunt sides of the blade to avoid unintentionally scratching or nicking of the skin when shaving the body.

EASY TO USE - With a shave that feels incredibly gentle, the customer can easily build up confidence with DE shaving making it ideal for beginners.

DESIGNED WITH DIVERSITY IN MIND - With a longer handle, The COMPANION is ideal for shaving legs, head, neck, and shoulders. The fingerprint design provides a good grip and contributes to the ‘companion concept’: something that is individual, personal, and intimate- a good friend.


Width: 49 mm
Length: 112 mm
Weight: 88 g

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